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Find all the calling codes for New Zealand and overseas. Find out about the rates that apply when making national and international calls. Use the calling rates calculator to find out how much it will cost to call a landline or mobile in another country. Use calculator now.

International Rates

Your landline plan covers certain national calls. Check your plan. To get an area code for a specific region, select where you're wanting to call from the map below. If you're overseas contact the local operator for the country's access code.

If you're making a collect call to another New Zealand number, call and follow the prompts. If you're making a collect call to an international number, call and follow the prompts. Check the call rate of your plan for this pricing. While travelling overseas, you can contact Spark any time.

France (inc. corsica)

Use our tool to find a local free-call number for the country you are in. Then follow the voice prompts to get the support you need. Call Spark from overseas. Optus relies on agreements with overseas networks and therefore cannot guarantee the success of message delivery. Message charges are incurred on sending the message, regardless of successful delivery. International MMS is available with participating networks only. Some recipients of International MMS may not be able to reply. The pack can be cancelled at any time. These packs can be cancelled at any time.

Want to make overseas calls from Australia? Choose a country. International Rates Start typing country name. Call Rates and Plans This document lists all current package prices and call charges. Number Ranges This document lists all the current number ranges and their associated charge cost — use this document in conjunction with the Call Rates and Plans document.

Operator Connected Calls This document lists details of Operator connected and reverse charge calls. Log in to your online account Moving Home. Broadband speeds Pricing notification. Post Office Wi-Fi routers Vulnerable customer information. Identity Services GOV. How do I find an address or postcode? What's the correct way to address mail?

Can I buy postage and stationery online? How do I contact Royal Mail? View all Travel product FAQs and contact options: What computer system do I need to receive Post Office Broadband? How can I measure my Broadband usage? What's included with each of the Post Office Broadband packages?

Electronic System for Travel Authorisation

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Calling and texting abroad from the UK with Vodafone

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