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  2. Google Translate download for android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
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Just try on a complex text and compare the results. I noticed too that translating with a photo is far more efficient with Microsoft Translator, which is able to translate the picture of an entire page. Google Translate works only by line. I'm a blogger and with Deepl. Deepl uses A I. I appreciate Microsoft and mainly Google translators because it is very easy to use, but for delicate or precise translation www.

For long articles, I prefer to read my main ideas using an automated translator. I use both Google Translate and Bing Translate. Even if the translation is not the best, I can figure out the value of the article and then read the English, and just the words and phrases I do not know or I am not sure I'm looking for in the dictionary. For beginners, for advanced, for professionals, to communicate in any other language and with anyone, these automatic translators are a real help. With their help, the world is closer to each other.

The article said that Microsoft Translator is best for offline use. Why is this the case when Google translate has offline options?

Step 1: Download the Google Translate app

What does Microsoft Translator do better in this regard? Google Translate is still the king. I saw something where you just touched the screen and the English word appeared. Thank you. Recently, I have used this app during my Asia tour. I feel very good and very helpful. Share with the people play.

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I am looking for an app that supposedly will translate immediately as you are speaking Thank you! I am going to Romania this month. What I would like to find is a translator that would accept my voice in English and be able to translate it to text or audio. Likewise, a person from Romania could input their language and have it translate to English. Does Microsoft Translator do this? Did you try Reverso Context? Very nice, but what I am looking for is an in app translator.

I hate having to move from one window with copy and moving to another window to paste and then back again. Has anyone accomplished this yet? I have Google translate - it does SMS text but not anything else. Yes, it is called App Translator, and I'm its developer! App Translator directly translates other apps by displaying an overlay with the translated text over the original, without need for selecting, copying, pasting, or switching apps.

I should have been clearer, I need an' instant 'translation app, that will work in games. I don't think one exists. Someone could make a fortune.

Cara menggunakan Google Translate secara Offline atau tanpa koneksi internet

Thanks for your input. Even if I have cut, copy, paste. Any suggestions? Need one ASAP. Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All.

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Google Translate download for android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

Doctor Strange. The app also allows you to translate audio and words written on a whiteboard app.

It also allows you to translate a text captured by the camera. Google Translate allows for offline translations. To do this, you must download packages for the desired languages about MB each from the configuration menu. After that, you will no longer need an Internet connection to translate - which is especially useful when traveling abroad. Minimalist interface design. Google Translate can also translate SMS with ease. When you choose the option, you will be shown a list of all your received messages.

Just select one, and the app will provide an immediate translation. The program also shows the chronology of all your translations, allowing you to mark specific ones so you always have them to hand. Finally, Google Translate lets you listen to the pronunciation of both your entries and their translations.

Download & use Google Translate - Android - Google Translate Help

Google Translate has a simple, minimalist design. Interface functions are well organized and easy to use, even for the inexperienced.

The most complete translation app. Translating with Google Translate is child's play.